How to Hold an Effective Nonprofit Board Meeting

A nonprofit board meeting should be informative and engaging. The best method to achieve this is through clear communication that focuses on the mission and goals of the organization. Meetings are often dominated by lengthy organizational updates or by passionate discussions about particular topics with one or two individuals (we all know who that is). By adding a little something more to the meeting can also keep it lively and assist in helping board members stay connected to the mission of your organization. Video clips of customer testimonials is a great way to connect the members of your board with your mission.

Check that the agenda for your board meeting is well-planned in advance. If needed a facilitator at the meeting can be hired to assist in this, or an advisory committee of board members should take responsibility for preparing the from this source agenda and ensuring important documents are compiled and sent out ahead of the board meeting. Nothing can ruin a successful board meeting more quickly than board members having to read the important documents at the same time they are being discussed, or even worse aren’t having the materials accessible at all times.

Boards should limit their time to less than 25 percent of their meeting time on updates and “have to’s”. A lot of time is wasted by board members who get lost in the details of committee chair reports, officer reports, and other routine items. Many of these items could be reduced to 5-10 minutes and easily included in a meeting packet or regular email updates to the board.

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